Are You.....

Having trouble finding a flattering fitted swimsuit that you feel confident in?

Disappointed in your cover up options?

Not wanting to spend a lot of money for just one swimsuit?

Trying to stay stylish while covering up those "after baby marks"?

Frustrated with the limiting styles and colors of tankinis?

A woman who hasn't been seen in a swimsuit for years?



Other Swimsuit problems Women have Mentioned

A tankini seems to get more frumpy and float up when wet

We want multiple swimsuit options when buying tankinis and bikinis for different occasions

We love the bra style support of a bikini but want more coverage

We are frustrated adjusting  "the girls" because they are either too big or too small in your current swimsuits 

If you struggle with any of these issues then Modkini is for you!


Modkini is a Newly Invented Swimwear Attachment used with a Bikini to Create a Tankini

Modkini allows you to take advantage of the many cute styles, colors and better support of a bikini while getting the additional coverage you want.

Modkini's patent pending method of attachment makes the transition from the Modkini to your bikini top look natural; giving you confidence in the way you look anytime you're in a swimsuit!

The Modkini easily transitions from one bikini top to the next, giving you the flexibility to buy more swimsuits for less than you would spend on a single tankini!

Flattering  -  Transferable  -  Custom Fit  -  Cost Less  -  Multiple Styles  -  Options